Dyed and Clear Diesel

Dyed and Clear Diesel Fuel: Understanding the Difference

When it comes to diesel fuel in Ontario, there are distinct differences between the two main types: dyed diesel and clear diesel. These differences are not merely about the colour; they have significant implications for how the fuel is intended to be used, its tax rate, and the legal consequences of misuse. Lambert Oil is here to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of these two fuel types and to meet all your diesel fuel needs.

Dyed And Clear Diesel Fuel

Dyed Diesel Fuel

Dyed diesel fuel, often referred to as “coloured fuel,” is diesel fuel that has had a red or occasionally purple dye added to it. This dye serves a critical purpose – it distinguishes dyed diesel from clear diesel and helps authorities identify its use. Dyed diesel is not subject to the same tax rate as clear diesel, making it a more cost-effective choice for specific applications.

Intended Use

Dyed diesel is intended exclusively for off-road vehicles and equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, vehicles and machinery used in construction, agriculture, mining, marine operations, farming, and stand-by generators, as well as for home and commercial heating purposes. Even locomotive trains typically use dyed diesel fuel. However, it is important to note that dyed diesel may not be used as fuel in a licensed motor vehicle for on-road use.

Clear Diesel Fuel

Clear diesel fuel, as the name suggests, is diesel fuel sold without the addition of any dye. This is the standard road vehicle grade fuel available for sale at regular gas stations across Ontario. It is intended for use in diesel vehicles that travel on public roads, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and even boats.

Intended Use

Clear diesel is suitable for any vehicle with a diesel engine that is licensed for on-road use in the province of Ontario. It is a clean-burning fuel with low sulfur levels and is legally taxable. This type of diesel is designed for vehicles that are primarily used for transportation and other on-road purposes.

Legal Implications

Using dyed diesel for on-road vehicles in Ontario carries severe penalties. The primary reason for dyeing diesel fuel is to make it easier to identify and prevent the misuse of the fuel, specifically for tax evasion. Coloured fuel must be stored in a separate tank that is not connected to a tank used to fuel licensed motor vehicles.

Lambert Oil: Your Trusted Diesel Fuel Supplier

Lambert Oil is your reliable source for both dyed and clear diesel fuel. We understand the importance of having access to the right type of diesel fuel for your specific needs. Whether you require dyed diesel for off-road equipment or clear diesel for your on-road vehicles, we have you covered.

We are committed to providing high-quality diesel fuels that meet legal standards and regulations. Our team is here to assist you in selecting the right fuel type and help you understand the difference between dyed and clear diesel, ensuring that you use it in compliance with the law.

At Lambert Oil, we take pride in offering top-notch customer service and a diverse range of fuel products to cater to the unique requirements of our clients. Whether you are involved in agriculture, construction, marine operations, or simply need diesel for your vehicle, Lambert Oil is your trusted partner in meeting all your diesel fuel needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our diesel fuel options and how we can assist you in obtaining the right fuel for your specific applications.

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