Furnace Oil

The Benefits of Furnace Oil: Reliable, Safe, and Environmentally Friendly Heating

Furnace oil, also known as fuel oil, has been a tried-and-true heating solution for decades. It is primarily used in steam boilers in power plants, aboard larger ships, and in industrial plants. While newer heating options have emerged, furnace oil remains a dependable and advantageous choice. Lambert Oil, recognized as a leader in fuel supplies for over 7 decades offers insights into the world of fuels and its benefits for heating your home or business.

Understanding Furnace Oil

Furnace oil, often referred to as fuel oil, is categorized as a number 2, distillate heating oil. It is a liquid fuel burned in furnaces or boilers for heat generation, as well as in engines for power generation. Commercially available furnace oils, such as those supplied by Lambert Oil, are typically blended with other petroleum elements to optimize viscosity and burning characteristics..

The Advantages of Furnace Oil for Heating

  1. Safety: It is a stable, non-explosive, and combustible product. Unlike some other heating fuels, furnace oil does not pose the same risks of explosion. This stability makes it an excellent choice for heating homes and businesses, providing peace of mind to users.
  2. Efficiency: Furnace oil boasts a high BTU (British Thermal Unit) content, making it an efficient choice for heating. A liter of oil delivers more heat compared to an equal quantity of electricity, propane, or natural gas. This higher efficiency can lead to cost savings in the long run.
  3. Environmental Friendliness: It is more environmentally friendly compared to some alternative heating sources. It is biodegradable, non-toxic, and does not contain carcinogens. This makes it a responsible choice for those concerned about environmental impact.
  4. Stability: Furnace oil is non-explosive and extremely stable. It can only ignite when used within an advanced combustion system in a furnace or oil burner. This stability minimizes the risk associated with some other heating sources that can easily ignite.
  5. Higher Heat Output: It burns up to 300 degrees hotter than natural gas. This means it can heat your home or business, as well as your water tank, more quickly and efficiently than many other heating sources.
Furnace Oil

Why Choose Lambert Oil for Your Fuel Needs?

Lambert Oil is your trusted source for high-quality fuels in the GTA and Southern Ontario. We recognize the numerous advantages of using furnace oil and aim to provide you with the best product and service. When you choose Lambert Oil, you benefit from:

  • Reliable supply of fuels, ensuring that your heating needs are met consistently.
  • Advice based on over 70 years of experience in the industry
  • Knowledgeable experts who can answer your questions and assist with any fuel-related concerns.
  • Affordable and competitive pricing, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of furnace oil without breaking the bank.

Furnace oil remains an excellent choice for heating your home or business. It offers safety, efficiency, environmental friendliness, stability, and higher heat output when compared to many alternative heating sources. Lambert Oil is your trusted partner in the GTA and Southern Ontario for all your furnace oil needs. When considering the numerous benefits of furnace oil, don’t hesitate to contact Lambert Oil to take advantage of this reliable, safe, and environmentally friendly heating option.