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At Lambert Oil, we pride ourselves in being able to provide a full- line of fuel products for businesses, constructions sites and residential owners. Lambert Oil has been known for over seven decades for their prompt and reliable fuel delivery, but we offer many other services to keep you running smoothly. We carry a diverse range of fuel products, including diesel, gasoline, kerosene, furnace oil, stove oil and more. We even provide comprehensive inspections services of your fuel facilities, as well as expert fuel equipment servicing. When you choose Lambert Oil, you’re not just getting a fuel supplier, you are getting a partner for your success. Experience the Lambert Oil difference today!
Fuel Delivery Service


If you or your company need top quality kerosene, look no further than Lambert Oil. We carry kerosene year round at our Toronto retail location and seasonally at our Whitby retail location.
And of course, we’ll deliver when you need us!

Fuel Delivery Service

Furnace Oil

Furnace oil is an excellent way to heat your home or business. Heating a building with oil is the safest way to heat a home or business, as furnace oil is a very stable, non-explosive, combustible product. It addresses some of the safety concerns other fuels. The high BTU content found in a litre of oil means it delivers higher efficiency when compared to an equal measure of electricity, propane or natural gas.
Fuel Delivery Service


Lambert Oil provides a range of gasoline products for your internal combustion engines, including our two retail outlets on Dundas St West in Toronto and on Baldwin Street South in Whitby. Gasoline is a highly volatile product, and needs to be handled with extreme care.